I am Andrew Sandoval. I go by Andy, and I reside in Southern California, in the area known as the Inland Empire.

Since 2009, I have worked in the fields of Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, and IT. Prior to that, I spent 14 years as a contract science teacher. I have been called a “work horse”, and “animal” for my strong work ethic. I take pride in my work, and I like to make sure that every client is satisfied. I work at a rapid pace, and many clients are amazed at how fast I finish for them. I learn new skills very fast, making me able to do the jobs that many copanies would hire 4 or 5 employees to handle.

I wear many proverbial hats. Aside from graphics and technology, I also design and build custom haunted houses, and play multiple musical instruments.

Andy Sandoval Resume